Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management

By attending our Warehouse Management System course, you’ll understand what to expect for your own installation and learn best practices to manage your new WMS, refine your processes and support your own team of people. You’ll gain faster comprehension of how Latitude works in an uninterrupted classroom environment.


Warehouse Structure

  • Warehouse Number
  • Storage Type
  • Storage Section
  • Picking Area

Storage Bin

  • Creating & Editing Storage Bins
  • Blocking and Unblocking Storage Bins
  • Displaying the Bin Status Report
  • Displaying Warehouse Capacity

Basic Functions

  • Number Ranges
  • Foreground/Background Processing
  • Bar Code Use
  • Authorization Checks

Archiving and Reorganization

  • Warehouse Controlling
  • Function Modules and Customer Exits
  • Planning and Monitoring
  • Rough Workload Estimate

Wave Picks

  • Wave Picks with Capacity Restrictions
  • Creating Wave Picks – Delivery Time
  • Processing Wave Picks
  • Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks

Warehouse Activity Monitor

  • Unconfirmed Transfer Orders
  • Open Transfer Requirements
  • Open Posting Change Notices
  • Open Deliveries
  • Critical Stock
  • Production Supply

Basic Stock Management

  • Material Master Data
  • Defining Warehouse Data
  • Displaying the Material Master Record
  • Types of Stock
  • Stock Category
  • Displaying Stock
  • Blocking Stock


  • Door & Staging Area

Units of Measure

  • Batch Management
  • Shelf Life Expiration Date
  • Storing Materials in the Warehouse
  • Interface to Inventory Management
  • Interim Storage Bins
  • Order of Postings in Integrated

Hazardous Materials Management

  • Creating and Using Hazardous Material Records
  • Displaying the Fire Department Inventory List
  • Checking for Proper Storage
  • Displaying Stock with Hazardous Substances

Warehouse Movements

  • Basics for Goods Movements
  • Movement Types
  • Special Movement Indicators
  • Transfer Requirement
  • Transfer Order
  • Handling Differences
  • Storage of Pre-Picked Handling Units

Goods Receipt

  • Creating Transfer Orders
  • Manual Creation of Transfer Orders
  • Posting a Goods Receipt Based on a PO
  • Posting Returns for Deliveries
  • Goods Receipt for Inspection
  • Releasing Material from Inspection Stock
  • Negative Stock Check
  • Stock Placement Using Storage Unit Types
  • Cross-Docking

Goods Issue

  • Goods Issues Based Upon a Delivery
  • Goods Issue Based on an Posting
  • Manual Creation of Transfer Orders for Picking
  • Goods Issue for Production Supply
  • Multiple Processing
  • 2-Step Picking


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