Service Oriented Architecture

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Service Oriented Architecture

Service oriented architecture is more than a bunch of new software products strung together to allow technology companies to have something else to sell. SOA represents a dramatic change in the relationship between business and IT. SOA makes technology a true business enabler and empowers business and technology leaders alike.

COURSE OUTLINE Service Oriented Architecture

Part I: Introducing SOA

  • SOA What?
  • Noah’s Architecture
  • Not So Simple SOA
  • SOA Sophistication
  • Playing Fast and Loose: Loose Coupling and Federation

Part II: Nitty-Gritty SOA

  • Xplicating XML
  • Dealing with Adapters
  • The Registry and the Broker
  • The Enterprise Service Bus
  • The SOA Supervisor

Part III: SOA Sustenance

  • SOA Governance
  • SOA Security
  • Where’s the Data?
  • SOA Software Development
  • The Repository and the Registry

Part IV: Getting Started with SOA

  • Do You Need a SOA? A Self-Test
  • Making Sure SOA Happens
  • SOA Quick Start: Entry Points for Starting the SOA Journey

Part V: Real Life with SOA

  • Big Blue SOA
  • SOA According to Hewlett-Packard
  • SOA According to BEA
  • Progress with SOA
  • The Oracle at SOA
  • Microsoft and SOA
  • (J)Bossing SOA


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