Prezi Training

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Prezi Training

We have experienced more and more demand for Prezi training with their software becoming an ever more popular way of delivering presentations. The software itself, whilst it can be worked by an untrained user, will only likely be used to its full potential by someone who has been trained. We have therefore decided to create a handy guide telling you all about the Prezi software and the training available.


Prezi is a piece of software designed to give presentations that is flash-based and gives users an alternative to the traditional PowerPoint presentation. Prezi was officially established in 2009 and their presentation software and its usage are rising worldwide.

Who is Prezi for?

Prezi Training really is for anybody. The software is designed to be used in numerous situations and can therefore be used by any employee in any sector looking to create an eye-catching presentation. The possibilities really are vast.

COURSE OUTLINE of Prezi Training

Getting Started with Prezi

  • Evolving Presentations
  • Finding Out Just What Prezi Is
  • Signing Up and Picking the Right Plan for You
  • Changing the Way You Present with Prezi
  • Displaying Your Prezis
  • Developing a Presentation Partnership
  • Interacting with the Prezi Community
  • Seeing That Prezis Aren’t Limited to Presentations
  • Understanding How Professionals Can Use Prezi

Preparing for Your First Prezi

  • Gathering Your Ideas in Analog
  • Developing Your Story
  • Opening Your First Prezi
  • Exploring Styles
  • Collecting and Creating Images, Text, and Graphics
  • Framing and Positioning Ideas
  • Creating a Path of Ideas
  • Iterating until You’re Ready to Present

Engaging the Prezi Community

  • Scouting for New Ideas
  • Checking Out Prezi’s Online Resources
  • Sharing Your Questions and Answers

Getting Familiar with the Online Interface

  • Introducing Prezi Components
  • Navigating the Canvas
  • Interacting with the Bubble Menu
  • Taking Advantage of Smart Zooming
  • Printing Your Prezi

Discovering the Prezi Desktop

  • Downloading the Offline Editor
  • Using the Desktop

Navigating the “Your Prezis” Page

  • Managing the “Your Prezis” Page with Commands
  • Setting Up Prezi to Share the Work
  • Sharing Prezis
  • Rating and Commenting on Public Prezis
  • Delivering Prezis to an Audience
  • Collaborating Using Prezi Share

Making Great Presentations

  • Understanding How the Mind Watches a Presentation
  • Creating the Presentation Partnership
  • Researching for Content
  • Discovering Stories That Connect with Your Audience
  • Using a Five-Point Plan to Construct Your Story

Using Graphics to Increase the Value of Your Message

  • Creating the Best Design
  • Storytelling Using Visuals
  • Viewing the Big Picture
  • Looking at the Details
  • Using Single Visual Elements
  • Presenting Multiple Elements
  • Flash Animation
  • Choosing Frames as Information Containers

Helping Designers Use Their Creations

  • Understanding the Design Process
  • Evaluating Your Designs
  • Using Design Applications
  • Protecting Your Original Work
  • Creating a Branded Prezi for Your Company’s Use
  • Ten Ways to Fill a Blank Screen
  • Planning in Analog
  • Setting the Stage
  • Choosing a Potential Layout
  • Uploading Some Media
  • Adding a Quote
  • Using Keywords to Describe the Problem
  • Creating a Timeline

Brainstorming New Ideas

  • Generating New Ideas
  • Mind Mapping Your Thoughts
  • Using New Scientific Findings to Visually Sell Your Ideas

Presenting Business Plans

  • Introducing a Prezi Business Plan
  • Developing Visual Concepts That Sell
  • Plan Presentation Logistics
  • Collaborating with Team Members
  • Understanding the Business Model
  • Making the Numbers Interesting
  • Using Movement to Add Momentum
  • Sending without a Presenter

Educating with Prezi

  • Using Prezi in Schools and Universities
  • Thinking Visually in the Classroom
  • Applying Success Strategies
  • Using Prezi in Conferences
  • Getting Attention with Prezi Resumes


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