Personal Effectiveness Skills

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Personal Effectiveness Skills

Personal Effectiveness Skills implies, making most of our abilities, skills, energy, time, and talents that we are endowed with. It is like making the best use of available resources that all human beings have at their disposal. We all want to feel valued, useful, and appreciated, be it the workplace, family, or friends. However, when we are stuck in our daily routines that demand a little too much, then life seems to be going wrong. This may lead to the feeling of uselessness and ineffectiveness on the personal front.

Understanding this need of the working professionals who generally suffer from such a feeling, many companies organize trainings for their employees. It helps the personnel notice their strengths and passions so that they can manage their work and increase the productivity. It is essentially a branch of self-help movement that deals with goal setting and achieving success with the help of positive thinking and effective management of tasks.

Course Outline

Personal Effectiveness

  • Use effective communication skills
  • Make positive contribution within a team
  • Demonstrate employability skills
  • Reflect on personal effectiveness
  • Qualities for employability

Self Assessment

  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize personal skills and qualities
  • Understand goal-setting

Learning with Colleagues

  • Situations where learning takes place
  • Interact with colleagues in a learning situation
  • Individual learning styles
  • Record progress of learning

Developing Personal Skills for Leadership

  • Main feature of leadership
  • Demonstrate own leadership skills
  • Prepare for a leadership activity

Practicing Leadership skills with others

  • Lead a group activity
  • Effective leadership with others
  • Review own leadership performance

Stress Management

  • Stress tolerance
  • Impulse control


  • Problem solving skills
  • Reality testing
  • Flexibility

Emotional self-awareness

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-regard
  • Self-actualization
  • Independence


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