PeachTree Training

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PeachTree Training

PeachTree Training

Peachtree is an accounting application for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) made by Sage Software. Peachtree enables comptrollers and managers to automate and manage numerous accounting tasks, like:

  • Reconciling accounts payable and receivable.
  • Creating financial statements, check invoices.
  • Tracking banking transfers and payroll.
  • Importing and manipulating spreadsheets.
  • Integrating scanned documents like checks, receipts and invoices, eliminating paper from the accounting process.

COURSE OUTLINE PeachTree Training

Getting Started

  • Mastering Peachtree Basics
  • Setting Up Your Company
  • Designing the Chart of Accounts
  • Setting Up the Background Information

The Daily Drudge

  • Buying Goods
  • Paying Bills
  • Selling Products and Services
  • Collecting the Money
  • Paid Employees Are Happy Employees
  • Billing for Your Time
  • Counting Your Stuff
  • Tracking Project Costs

The Fancy Stuff

  • Working with Forms
  • Making Reports Work for You
  • Reviewing the Financial Picture
  • When the Bank Statement Arrives
  • When Accounting Cycles End . . . and Other Miscellaneous Stuff
  • Keeping Your House Safe
  • Real-Life Ways to Use Peachtree

The Part of Tens

  • Ten Common Error Messages (And What You Can Do about Them)
  • Ten Things You Can Get from the Web


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