Operations Management

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Operations Management

Operations Management Training for people who work in operations. Improve your skills in handling day to day task in Operations.

Course Outline

What is Operations Management

  • Manufacturing & Service Operations
  • Systems View of Operations
  • Process View of Operations

Operations Strategy

  • What is Strategy?
  • Levels of Strategy
  • Role of Operations in Strategy Development
  • Operations Competitive Priorities

Product Design and Process Selection

  • Generating Ideas
  • Product Screening
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Methods for Improving Product Design
  • Process Selection

Quality Management

  • Cost of Quality
  • Quality Systems

Facility Location

  • Factors, Design and Layouts

Statistical Process Control

  • Chance causes of variation
  • Assignable causes of variation
  • Types of Control charts

Supply Chain Management

  • Fluctuations in the Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Distribution

Leans Systems

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Continuous improvement
  • Pull Systems

Capacity Planning

  • Identifying Capacity Requirements
  • Evaluating Capacity Plans

Work System Design

  • Job Enlargement & Enrichment
  • Implementation of Work Design Approaches
  • Methods Analysis and Motion Study
  • Work measurement and learning curves


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