Myob Software Training

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Myob Software Training

Myob Software Training can help you with all kinds of business and personal financial needs. You could be running your own small business and want to save thousands on bookkeepers – or start a career as a professional bookkeeper. Maybe you’re responsible for setting up, understanding or fixing the company’s financial files. Or you might simply like to take control of your own personal finances.


Setting Up Your Company File

  • Setting up Preferences & Accounts
  • Setting up Sales details & Purchase details
  • Setting up Payroll details &  Items
  • Setting up your Bank Accounts
  • Setting up Categories and Jobs

Receiving and Spending Money

  • Receiving Money & Spending Money
  • Preparing a Bank Deposit
  • Entering Transactions in the Bank Register
  • Tracking Credit Card Purchases

Entering Sales and Payments

  • Entering Sales
  • Changing the Status of a Sale
  • Reviewing your Sales Information
  • Receiving Payments
  • Adding Finance Charges
  • Creating Customer Credits

Using Reports

  • Finding Reports and  Customizing Reports
  • Working with Reports and Printing Report Batches
  • Preparing to Print Reports and Forms

Entering Purchases

  • Entering Purchases
  • Changing the Status of a Purchase
  • Reviewing your Purchase Information
  • Paying Bills
  • Creating Vendor Debits

Managing Your Inventory

  • Making Inventory Adjustments
  • Making Inventory Transfers
  • Auto-building Items
  • Counting Inventory

Working With Transactions

  • Finding a Transaction
  • Changing or Deleting a Transaction
  • Reversing a Transaction
  • Working with Recurring Transactions

Paying Your Employees

  • Creating Payroll Categories
  • Changing or deleting a Payroll Category
  • Paying Your Employees
  • Reviewing Payroll Information


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