Manager’s Coaching

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Manager’s Coaching

Your managers and leaders want to coach more – but they’re overwhelmed by too many strategic priorities, too much email and the complications of getting a team to be more than the sum of its parts. Coaching for Great Work tackles the barriers that stop managers from coaching more effectively.

As a leader, you know the value of developing your managers’ coaching skills. The Coaching Habit program lays down a clear and powerful foundation for people to build a sustainable coaching habit. It’s a unique opportunity to see, practice and embed the benefits coaching has to offer.

It’s one of those difficult moments. Someone on the team isn’t doing what they should. It’s up to you to give them feedback. What if those tough conversations were just a whole lot less… tough? The Last Feedback Workshop combines the latest in neuro-leadership research with two flexible feedback models.

Course Outline:

Getting Results Is All About You

  • Understand Your Role as Coach
  • Cultivate the 10 Values of a Successful Staff Coach
  • What You Value Impacts Your Team
  • Five Insights of High-Performance Coaches

The Five-Step Staff Coaching Model

  • Coaching Is a Performance Process
  • Steps in the Staff Coach Model to Maximize Potential
  • Know Your Employees’ Character and Capabilities: Four Effective Techniques
  • Review Insights: Combine and Consider
  • Your Staff Coaching Style
  • Analysis of Your Preferences and Tendencies
  • Six Pitfalls to Your Staff Coaching Success
  • Ten Tools to Ensure Team Results

The Coaching Role: Inspiring and Motivating

  • The Coaching Role
  • Some Cautions for the Coach
  • Steps for Effective Coaching Interactions
  • Common Activities for the Coach
  • What to Expect When You’re Doing It Right

The Mentoring Role

  • A Process With Productive Purpose
  • Ten Tips for Mentors
  • The Six Ways People Think
  • Style Analysis Questions
  • The Three Key Phases of Successful Mentoring
  • The Outcome of Effective Mentoring
  • The Treasure of Mentoring

The Counselor Role

  • Opportunities to Counsel
  • Four Keys to Effective Counseling
  • Guidelines for Counseling
  • A Positive Approach to Negative Events
  • The Five-Step Confrontation Process
  • Eight Ways to Eliminate Unsatisfactory Behavior
  • Counseling Evaluation Exercise
  • Ten Essentials for Face-to-Face Counseling

Integrating the Individual and the Team

  • Group vs. Team
  • Instill Team Vision
  • Recognize the Potential for Team Trouble
  • Commitment and Mutual Support
  • A Checklist for Responding to Team Troubles
  • “Look Before You Leap” Checklist
  • Focus the Team With Shared Priorities

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