Management Principles

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Management Principles

Management Principles is essential to any organization that wishes to be efficient and achieve its aims. Without someone in a position of authority there would be organizational anarchy with no structure and very little, if any focus.

In addition, it has been said that management has four basic functions – planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Course Outline

Introduction to Principles of Management

  • Who Are Managers?
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy
  • Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling
  • Economic, Social, and Environmental Performance
  • Performance of Individuals and Groups
  • Your Principles of Management Survivor’s Guide

Personality, Attitudes, and Work Behaviors

  • Personality and Values
  • Perception
  • Work Attitudes
  • The Interactionist Perspective: The Role of Fit
  • Work Behaviors
  • Developing Your Positive Attitude Skills

Developing Mission, Vision, and Values

  • The Roles of Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Mission and Vision in the P-O-L-C Framework
  • Creativity and Passion
  • Stakeholders
  • Crafting Mission and Vision Statements
  • Developing Your Personal Mission and Vision


  • Strategic Management in the P-O-L-C Framework
  • How Do Strategies Emerge?
  • Strategy as Trade-Offs, Discipline, and Focus
  • Developing Strategy Through Internal Analysis
  • Developing Strategy Through External Analysis
  • Formulating Organizational and Personal Strategy With the Strategy Diamond

Goals and Objectives

  • The Nature of Goals and Objectives
  • From Management by Objectives to the Balanced Scorecard
  • Characteristics of Effective Goals and Objectives
  • Using Goals and Objectives in Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Integrating Goals & Objectives with Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Your Personal Balanced Scorecard

Leading People and Organizations

  • Who Is a Leader? Trait Approaches to Leadership
  • What Do Leaders Do? Behavioral Approaches to Leadership
  • What Is the Role of the Context?
  • Contingency Approaches to Leadership
  • Contemporary Approaches to Leadership
  • Developing Your Leadership Skills


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