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Inclusion training focuses on developing awareness about UAE’s vision and journey towards inclusion and examine the key principles of inclusive school practices.

Target Audience

  • School Leaders
  • School Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers

In order to develop the skills, experience and confidence to be inclusive of all children, teachers need to learn about and practice inclusive education during pre-service and in-service training, and they need to be given opportunities for continuing professional development throughout their careers.

Three Essential Components for Capacity Building in Inclusive Education

  • Attitudinal Changes and Awareness Raising
  • Pre-Service Training Programs
  • In-Service Training Programs

Pre-Service Approaches: Working with Teacher Training Institutions

  • Focusing on the Preschool and Primary School Levels
  • Targeting Local Needs
  • Creating a Network of Key Training Institutions

In-Service Approaches: School-Based Teacher Training

  • Developing a Network of Key Teachers
  • Capacity Building for Key Teachers
  • Using Observation and Reflection as Critical Tools for In-Service Capacity Building


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