Human Resources Certificate

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Human Resources Certificate

Human Resources Certificate lets you gain knowledge and skill in Human Resources Management. The aim is to introduce candidates to the methods of managing human resources in workplace.  You will use the learnt knowledge of Human Resources Management theory and relate it with the current Human Resources Management.

Learners will explore the methods that Human Resources Managers use to measure and manage their employees.


Unit 1: Recruitment and Selection in Business

  • Know the processes involved in recruitment planning
  • Understand the implications of the regulatory framework for the process of recruitment and selection
  • Be able to prepare documentation involved in the selection and recruitment process
  • Be able to participate in a selection interview.

Unit 2: Aspects of Employment Law

  • Understand the different types of employment contract and the impact of employment legislation
  • Know the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers
  • Understand the various perspectives in employee relations
  • Know how and when contracts of employment are terminated.

Unit 3: Development Planning for a Career in Business

  • Know how to access career-related information
  • Be able to develop a personal career development plan
  • Be able to develop a range of transferable business skills at the appropriate level
  • Understand methods of professional development and training.

Unit 4: Human Resource Management in Business

  • Know the factors that are involved in human resource planning in organisations
  • Know how organisations motivate employees
  • Understand how to gain committed employee cooperation
  • Understand the importance of managing employee performance at work.



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