GRE / GMAT Exams

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GRE / GMAT Exams

GRE / GMAT Exams preparation and tutoring gives our students the benefits of the latest innovations in teaching and learning theory in addition to our many years of experience with prep tutoring.



What Is the GMAT® Exam?

  • GMAT® Exam Format
  • Why Take the GMAT® Exam?
  • What Is the Content of the Test Like?
  • What Computer Skills Will I Need?
  • How Are Scores Calculated?

Problem Solving

  • Basic Principles of Problem Solving
  • Methods for Problem Solving
  • Question Format & Structure

Word Problems

  • Word problems translation table
  • Word problems in Data sufficiency
  • Word problems in Problem solving

Sentence Correction

  • Sentence correction rules
  • Basic English Grammar

Quantitative Section Strategies

  • How to manage Quantitative Section
  • Verbal questions & answers
  • How is it scored?

Data Sufficiency

  • Value Questions
  • “Yes” or “No” Questions
  • Guessing in Data Sufficiency
  • Test-Taking Strategies

Reading Comprehension

  • What Is Measured?
  • Reading Comprehension Question Types
  • Methods in reading comprehension

Math Review

  • Arithmetic, Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Word Problems
  • Number Theory, Number Forms
  • Relationships & Sets

Critical reasoning

  • Test strategies in critical reasoning
  • Principles of Critical Reasoning
  • Format and Structure
  • Question Type


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