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ITI’s Private tutoring in Grade 10 helps the students to increase their understandings about specific subjects. It allows each student to progress through a subject at the pace and in the manner which best suits them. Each subject is bespoke to the student, and tutors are encouraged to allow for a students’ learning style when devising their schemes of work. If their abilities allow, students can move faster through a program without the need to wait for others, and with the undivided attention of their tutor can explore each subject in as much depth as their interest dictates.

Students who are having difficulty with any part of their subject find that their tutor is able to give them as much support and time as is necessary to overcome any difficulties.

Individual tuition allows school and university students to supplement current work in a targeted fashion. It has become an increasingly popular method of intensive preparation and revision for various examinations during holidays and for additional instruction outside normal school hours and on weekends.

Available Subjects:

  • English

Our fun and interactive English classes will make your kids enjoy the learning the process and at the same gain the knowledge and skills required for them to achieve fruitful grades at school. We can tailor the topics as per the curriculum taken by the student in the school.

  • Mathematics

Our Grade 10 Mathematics can be customized as per the curriculum taken by the student in school. Whether it is American, British, CBSE or local curriculum, we are here to help you. Our faculty is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help your kids achieve high grades.

  • Science

The Science topics given are the basic context in which students develop knowledge and understanding of important ideas in science while actively engaging in science and technology practices, deepening their understanding of concepts as they experience how science is actually done.

  • Geography

We have tutors with a variety of specialisms, so if there is a particular aspect of Geography that you are looking to work on, such as human geography or the environment, we will be able to find a knowledgeable and inspiring tutor for your needs. Geography is often being a subject taken on to GCSE and A-Level, and can form a part of scholarship entrance exams to senior schools.

  • French

French can form a part of scholarship assessments, and is often a key language taken through to GCSE and A-Level. Our tutors have helped hundreds of students through their exams at all levels whilst also offering more general support in this subject, focusing not only on topics but also on the key techniques of writing, reading, speaking and listening in the language.

  • Arabic


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