Google AdWords

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Google AdWords course of ITI will make you create, develop and optimize a professional Google AdWords campaign that sends high quality traffic to your website, round-the-clock. Learn the techniques and strategies.


Researching the Market and Competition and Setting Goals 

  • Focusing on relevance
  • Identifying your competitors using Google search results
  • Using third-party tools to research competitors
  • Analyzing budgets and bids to determine market saturation
  • Setting advertising goals

Setting Up your Account

  • Creating an AdWords account
  • Determining the right billing option for your needs
  • Inviting other users to access your account
  • Changing user access levels or removing users
  • Enabling auto-tagging at the account level
  • Changing your notification settings

Tracking Beyond Click

  • Linking AdWords to Google Analytics
  • Creating a conversion goal in AdWords to track leads or sales
  • Importing goals from Google Analytics into AdWords
  • Verifying that conversion tracking is working
  • Analyzing how long it takes to convert customers
  • Analyzing assist clicks and impressions
  • Analyzing AdWords data in Google Analytics
  • Analyzing time on site data and bounce rates

Structuring Your Account

  • Planning account structure
  • Common ways to structure campaigns
  • Deciding where to show your ads
  • Device targeting options
  • Choosing which locations to target
  • Excluding locations from seeing your ads
  • Selecting target languages
  • Creating themed ad groups
  • Renaming campaigns and ad groups

Creating Relevant Keywords

  • Using keyword matching options effectively
  • Finding relevant keywords
  • Analyzing competitor keywords from and similar tools
  • Generating negative keywords
  • Identifying keyword duplicates
  • Multiplying keyword phrases
  • Changing broad keywords to broad match modifiers
  • Adding new keywords to an existing ad group
  • Editing, pausing, or deleting keywords

Writing Compelling Ads

  • Researching competitors’ ads
  • Setting campaign ad rotation
  • Creating effective ads
  • Choosing landing pages
  • Implementing dynamic keyword insertion in ads
  • Avoiding common ad copy mistakes
  • Split testing ad copy
  • Editing your ad text
  • Pausing or deleting ads

Budgets and Bidding

  • Setting and adjusting campaign budgets
  • Evaluating your current budget and potential impact of budget changes
  • Setting and adjusting ad group level bids
  • Setting and adjusting keyword level bids
  • Enabling enhanced bidding
  • Enabling Conversion Optimizer
  • Adjusting CPA bids
  • Setting separate bids for calls
  • Predicting impact of bid changes using the Bid Simulator
  • Modifying mobile bids
  • Adjusting location bids
  • Adjusting bids based on the day of the week and time of day

Running Display Ads

  • Creating an automatic placements campaign
  • Creating a managed placements campaign
  • Researching and adding display placements
  • Targeting display sites based on topics
  • Excluding irrelevant and poorly performing placements
  • Avoid displaying your ads on certain pages
  • Excluding categories of sites and potentially sensitive topics
  • Adding image ads to display campaigns
  • Creating rich image ads with Display Ad Builder
  • Analyzing relative CTR to benchmark display performance

Re-marketing to Past Visitors

  • Generating the remarketing code
  • Creating remarketing audiences in AdWords
  • Creating custom remarketing combinations via rules
  • Setting up a remarketing campaign
  • Setting remarketing bids
  • Setting frequency caps to limit how often ads show
  • Increasing traffic to your remarketing campaign
  • Remarketing to YouTube viewers

Reporting and Analysis

  • Running and scheduling reports
  • Customizing columns to personalize data views
  • Analyzing the days and times when ads perform best
  • Analyzing geographic performance
  • Reviewing call details
  • Finding out where on display your ads are appearing
  • Segmenting performance reports
  • Creating filters to customize reporting
  • Viewing data in graph format
  • Evaluating sitelink extensions
  • Using impression share metrics to increase conversions

Optimizing Performance

  • Improving relevance and Quality Score
  • Improving ad rank
  • Changing keyword match types
  • Scheduling ads to run during key days and times
  • Expanding your keyword list
  • Analyzing ad copy performance and picking top performers
  • Adjusting budgets to maximize traffic and conversions
  • Tips to increase traffic
  • Running search term reports to optimize keywords
  • Optimizing bids for ROI
  • Optimizing keywords to improve ROI
  • Excluding IP addresses from seeing your ads
  • Optimizing your landing pages

Advanced Strategies and Features

  • Creating sitelinks
  • Setting up call extensions
  • Implementing social extensions
  • Setting up location extensions
  • Promoting application downloads
  • Setting up Dynamic Search Ads
  • Creating product ads
  • Using experiments to test campaign changes
  • Using advanced negative match keywords
  • Automating actions based on rules and goals
  • Common AdWords mistakes

Managing AdWords

  • Troubleshooting why your ads are not showing up
  • Finding out your ad’s approval status
  • Creating custom alerts to monitor performance
  • Reviewing past changes and revisions
  • Viewing or hiding paused or deleted


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