French Language

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French Language

French Language, is the language of romance, is second only to English in globally spoken languages. Learn how to speak French to express you in all walks of life. Be it personal or professional French will definitely give you that edge over the competition globally.




  • Hello
  • Relatives
  • Family
  • To be and to Have
  • Review and Repeat

Eating and Drinking

  • In the coffee shop
  • In the restaurant
  • To want
  • Dishes

Making Arrangements

  • Days and Months
  • Time and Numbers
  • Appointments
  • On the Telephone


  • At the Ticket office
  • To go and to take
  • Taxi, Bus, Metro
  • On the Road

Getting Around

  • Around the town
  • Finding your way
  • Sightseeing
  • At the airport


  • Booking a room
  • In the hotel
  • At the camp
  • Descriptions


  • Shops
  • At the Market
  • At the Supermarket
  • Clothes and Shoes

Work and Study

  • Jobs
  • The Office
  • Academic World
  • In Business


At Home

  • In the House
  • The backyard
  • Pets


  • To Come
  • Post office and Bank
  • Police and Crime

Leisure and Socializing

  • Leisure Time
  • Sports and Hobbies
  • Socializing

Talking about the past and the future

  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Expressing opinions
  • Comparing things
  • Describing someone

Past tense: Passé composé

  • Quelque chose / rien – Quelqu’un / personne
  • Relative pronouns: qui / que / où
  • Pronouns: me, te, le, lui, leur
  • Ownership

Understanding and talking about the weather

  • Expressing wishes
  • Past tense: passé composé
  • Past tense: imparfait
  • Time references: il y a, depuis, pendant…
  • Negation: ne … plus, ne … jamais
  • Future tense: futur simple


Les vacances. Vacation

  • Dialogue: En vacances
  • On Vacation
  • Grammaire et usage: The Present Participle
  • Usage of the Infinitive
  • Vocabulaire
  • Note culturelle
  • Corrigé des exercices

Les médias. The Media

  • Dialogue: Les informations. The News
  • Grammaire et usage: The Sequence of Tenses
  • Reported Speech
  • To Make +Adjective

Les professions. Professions

  • Dialogue: Un entretien. A Job Interview
  • Grammaire et usage: The Subjunctive after Relative Pronouns

La littérature. Literature

  • Selected Poetry: La Poésie. Poetry
  • Grammaire et usage: Written French versus Spoken
  • The Verb cueillir

Countries, Nationalities, and Continents

  • Grammar Summary
  • Verbs
  • Letter Writing


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