Financial Modeling in Excel

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Financial Modeling in Excel

Financial Modeling in Excel course is suitable for anybody needing to rapidly improve their Microsoft Excel skills. The course would be useful for professionals needing to data mine, analyze and efficiently work with large data volumes, as well as for those needing to build spreadsheet to stress and simulate data outputs.

COURSE OUTLINE Financial Modeling in Excel


  • Introducing Financial Modeling
  • Getting Acquainted with Excel
  • Planning and Designing Your Financial Model
  • Building a Financial Model by the Rule-book
  • Using Someone Else’s Financial Model

Diving Deep into Excel

  • Excel Tools and Techniques for FM
  • Using Functions in Excel
  • Applying Scenarios to Your Financial Model
  • Charting and Presenting Model Output

Building Your Financial Model

  • Building an Integrated Financial Statements Model
  • Building a Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Budgeting for Capital Expenditure and Depreciation

Developing a Financial Model

  • Visual Display of a Financial Model
  • Different Types of Key Combinations in Excel

Creating a Prototype in Excel

  • Sending Signals to the Management
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis Stage: Sensitivity and Scenarios
  • Testing the Performance of a Financial Model

Presenting Insights and Recommendations

  • Creating Simple Charts in Excel
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Selecting a Suitable Chart


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