EXIN Exams Portfolio

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EXIN Exams Portfolio

EXIN Exams Portfolio of certification programs cover all of the key ICT competence areas which are described by the internationally recognized competence framework, the e-CF. The connections between the various EXIN programs and the competence areas MANAGE, PLAN, BUILD, RUN and ENABLE are made visible by different colors.

ASF   – EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation
ASM   – EXIN Agile Scrum Master
AMF   – EXIN Application Management Foundation with reference to ASL
BIMF   – EXIN Business Information Management Foundation with reference to BISL
CLOUDF   – EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation
GRITC   – EXIN Green IT Citizen
GRITF   – EXIN Green IT Foundation
ISFS   – Information Security Foundation based on ISO IEC 27002
ISMAS   – Information Security Management Advanced based on ISO/IEC 27002
ISMES  (Oral) – Information Security Management Expert based on ISO/IEC 27002
ITMP   – IT Management Principles
ITSM20F   – IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO IEC 20000
ITSM20FB   – IT Service Management Foundation Bridge based on ISO IEC 20000
ITSM20AS   – Associate in ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000
ITSM20ASB   – Associate Bridge in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000
ITSM20IA   – Internal Auditor in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000
ITSM20SP   – Specialist in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000
ITSM20EXP  (Specials) – Expert in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000
ITSM20MA  (Specials) – Master in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000
LITAF   – Lean IT Foundation
LITAK   – Lean IT Kaizen
LITAL   – Lean IT Leadership
FOSS   – EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software
SOSN   – EXIN Specialist Certificate in OpenStack Software Neutron
CCC_BDF   – CCC Big Data Foundation
CCC_CTA   – CCC Cloud Technology Associate
CCC_VE   – CCC Cloud Virtualization Essentials
CCC_PCA   – CCC Professional Cloud Administrator
CCC_PCD   – CCC Professional Cloud Developer
CCC_PCS   – CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager
CCC_PCSM   – CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager
CCC_PCSA   – CCC Professional Cloud Solution Architect
SPF   – EXIN Secure Programming Foundation
EHF   – EXIN Ethical Hacking Foundation
TMPTE   – TMap NEXT® Test Engineer
TMSTE   – TMap® Suite Test Engineer
TMPTM   – TMap NEXT® Test Manager
TMSTM   – TMap® Suite Test Master
TPIF   – TPI NEXT® Foundation
BCMF   – EXIN Business Continuity Management Foundation
ITF   – Information Technology Foundation
IMF   – Infrastructure Management Foundation
ITMF   – IT Management Foundation
OOF   – Object Orientation Foundation
TestP   – Testen Professional
BIMP   – Functioneel Beheer Professional
IPMP   – IT Project management Professional
OOAA   – Object Oriented Analysis Advanced
SIAA   – Structured Information Analysis Advanced
FS_DBSQLF   – Databases en SQL Foundation
FS_ISyF   – Informatiesystemen Foundation
FS_ISDDF   – Ontwerp en Ontwikkeling Informatiesystemen Foundation
FS_PCF   – Professionele Communicatie Foundation
FS_PMF   – Project management Foundation
FS_TESTF   – Testen Foundation
MOFF   – Microsoft Operations Framework Foundation
BAF   – EXIN BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
BCF   – EXIN BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change
CAF   – EXIN BCS Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness
BAP  (Essay) – EXIN BCS Business Analysis Practice
MBP  (Essay) – EXIN BCS Modelling Business Processes
RQE  (Essay) – EXIN BCS Requirements Engineering
ITAMF   – IT Asset Management Foundation
SAMS   – Software Asset Management Specialist
CISEF   – Cyber and IT Security Foundation
DEVOPSM   – EXIN DevOps Master
PDPF   – Privacy and Data Protection Foundation



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