Executive Secretary

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Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary course will equip you with the basic skills you need to work as an executive secretary or personal assistant. The topics you will learn about include business communication, office administration, marketing, and HR.


Computer Skills

Microsoft Excel

  • User interface
  • Formatting
  • Cells
  • Managing worksheets
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Charts
  • Outputs

Microsoft Outlook

  • User interface
  • Creating, Replying & forwarding email
  • Print & Save information
  • Perform search & advanced search
  • Organize and Manage messages
  • Flag, Reminders & Calendar
  • Task & Appointments

Microsoft Word

  • User interface
  • Document creation
  • Formatting
  • Objects
  • Types of Documents
  • Output – Printing, Email

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • User interface
  • Developing a presentation
  • Text & Animation
  • Transition & Slideshow
  • Charts
  • Graphical Objects
  • Video & Audio
  • Output – Presenting & Printing

Management Skills

Personal Skills

Developing Self-Awareness

Managing Personal Stress

Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively

Interpersonal Skills

  • Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively
  • Gaining Power and Influence
  • Motivating Others
  • Managing Conflict

Importance of Competent Managers

  • The Skills of Effective Managers
  • Essential Management Skills
  • What Are Management Skills?
  • Improving Management Skills
  • An Approach to Skill Development

Leadership and Management

  • Contents of the Book
  • Organization of the Book
  • Practice and Application
  • Diversity and Individual Differences

Group Skills

  • Empowering and Delegating
  • Building Effective Teams and Teamwork
  • Leading Positive Change.

Communication Skills

  • Making Oral and Written Presentations
  • Supplement B Conducting Interviews
  • Supplement C Conducting Meetings

Communication Skills


  • Creating a Better Model
  • Communication Barriers
  • Barriers caused by structure
  • Intrapersonal hindrances
  • Interpersonal obstacles

Understanding Semantic Noise

  • The role of linguistics
  • Exploring the concept of shared meaning
  • Beyond the sound bite
  • Listening is an action
  • Recognizing non-verbal cues
  • Too abstract, too detailed or just right?
  • Avoid emotionally loaded words and phrases

Putting it All Together

  • Effective business writing
  • Emails
  • Meeting minutes
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Effective speaking skills

Internal Communications

  • Project teams
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Establishing your purpose
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Choosing your channels
  • Handling updates
  • Opinion leaders in the organization
  • Employee communication
  • Working toward favorable outcomes
  • Business process documentation

External Communication

  • Marketing communication
  • Writing an actionable plan
  • Coordinating messages
  • Getting the timing right
  • Community outreach
  • Choosing an option to complement your business
  • Planning the campaign

Business English

Working w/ Words Language at Work Practically Speaking Business Communication Outcome
Countries, Nationalities and Jobs Present Simple (-be)


How to Spell Socializing

Saying Hello and Goodbye

Say what you do and where you from

Ask about personal information


Introduce yourself

Company types and activities Present Simple How to say Numbers Exchanging information. Booking and ordering by phone Talk about company types and activities

Ask about companies

Say numbers

Transactions by phone

Location and Company buildings There is / There are / Some / Any How to start and end a telephone call Telephoning. Leaving a telephone message Talk about your company location & building

Ask for details about workplace

Start and end a telephone conversation

Leave a telephone message

Technology and Functions Adverbs of Frequency


How to use sequencing words Exchanging information. Asking for and offering Help Talk about technology

Talk about everyday activities

Ask questions in the present simple

Ask for and offer help

Documents and Correspondence Past Simple (-be) and regular verbs How to apologize Exchanging information. Solving problems. Deal with documents and correspondence

Talk about a past event

Say sorry

Explain and solve a problem

Food and drink Past Simple, Irregular verbs. Time expression How to describe a trip Socializing. Making a conversation Order food

Use time expression to talk about past

Describe a trip

Make general conversation

Hands-on Training (for 15 hours)



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