Business Management

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Business Management 

Business Management Training enables you to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management subjects. All of our training courses can be customized to be delivered as management training programs. Our business management training programs are different from regular training programs as they are competency-based programs that address not only the micro and macro organisational challenges but also the individual and personal challenges faced by middle and senior managers, heads of departments, team leaders etc. Through our business management training we train and develop the leadership skills that are needed to motivate, influence and lead a team successfully.

COURSE OUTLINE Business Management course

The importance of key concepts

  • A closer look at business and organizations
  • A closer look at management
  • The evolution of business &Management studies

A multidisciplinary view of Business&Management

  • Sociological perspectives
  • The anthropology of organizations
  • The contributions of psychology
  • Economic approaches to organizations
  • The stakeholder model of the firm

Organizational goals and objectives

  • What is a manager?
  • What do managers do?
  • Decision making and effectiveness
  • Planning role & Leadership role
  • Motivating role & Controlling role

The international context

  • Globalization and business
  • Management of multinational companies
  • Small business organizations

Functional areas of business organizations

  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Production and operations
  • Marketing
  • Communications

Decision making in business

  • Theories and models for making decisions
  • Strategy
  • Analyzing the environment
  • Organizational change and development
  • Managing the change process
  • Managing resistance to change

Organizational dynamics

  • Type, ownership, strategy and size
  • Organizational structure
  • New technology and business organizations
  • Understanding organizational culture



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