Business Communication Skills

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Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills is the activity of conveying meaningful information.It requires a sender,message and an intended recipient.Communicating with others is an essential skill in business dealings and family affairs.

  • You often find yourself misunderstanding others?
  • Do you have difficulty getting your point across clearly?

If the answer of above questions are YES,then COME and JOIN US.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for those people who want to understand how to communicate more effectively with their friends, customers, their staff, their colleagues, and their bosses.
Components of Communication.



  • Creating a Better Model
  • Communication Barriers
  • Barriers caused by structure
  • Intrapersonal hindrances
  • Interpersonal obstacles

Understanding Semantic Noise

  • The role of linguistics
  • Exploring the concept of shared meaning
  • Beyond the sound bite
  • Listening is an action
  • Recognizing non-verbal cues
  • Too abstract, too detailed or just right?
  • Avoid emotionally loaded words and phrases

Putting it All Together

  • Effective business writing
  • Emails
  • Meeting minutes
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Effective speaking skills

Internal Communications

  • Project teams
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Establishing your purpose
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Choosing your channels
  • Handling updates
  • Opinion leaders in the organization
  • Employee communication
  • Working toward favorable outcomes
  • Business process documentation

External Communication

  • Marketing communication
  • Writing an actionable plan
  • Coordinating messages
  • Getting the timing right
  • Community outreach
  • Choosing an option to complement your business
  • Planning the campaign


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