Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator  is the industry-standard illustration application for print, multimedia, and online graphics. Whether you are a designer or a technical illustrator producing artwork for print publishing, an artist producing multimedia graphics, or a creator of web pages or online content, Adobe Illustrator offers you the tools you need to get professional-quality results.

COURSE OUTLINE Adobe Illustrator


  • Drawing shapes and lines
  • Applying color
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool & Width tool
  • Creating and editing gradients
  • Placing Adobe Photoshop images in Illustrator
  • Using Image Trace
  • Working with the Color Guide panel
  • Creating and applying a pattern
  • Working with type, drawing modes & brushes
  • Using the Appearance panel and effects
  • Working with strokes
  • Aligning content
  • Working with perspective & with symbols


  • Adjusting the user interface brightness
  • Working with the Tools panel
  • Exploring the Control panel
  • Working with panels
  • Resetting and saving your workspace
  • Using panel menus
  • Changing the view of artwork
  • Using the view commands & Zoom tool
  • Scrolling through a document
  • Viewing artwork
  • Navigating multiple art boards
  • Using the Navigator panel
  • Understanding rulers
  • Arranging multiple documents


  • Using the Selection tool & Direct Selection tool
  • Creating selections with a marquee
  • Creating selections with the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Aligning objects & objects to each other
  • Aligning to a key object & points
  • Distributing objects
  • Aligning to the art board
  • Working with groups
  • Grouping items
  • Working in Isolation mode
  • Adding to a group
  • Exploring object arrangement
  • Arranging & Hiding objects
  • Selecting objects behind
  • Applying selection techniques


  • Creating a new document
  • Working with basic shapes
  • Understanding drawing modes
  • Creating rectangles
  • Creating rounded rectangles
  • Creating ellipses
  • Creating polygons
  • Working with Draw Behind mode
  • Creating stars
  • Changing stroke width and alignment
  • Working with line segments
  • Joining paths
  • Using the Width tool
  • Outlining strokes
  • Combining and editing shapes
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool
  • Working with Pathfinder effects
  • Working with shape modes
  • Using Draw Inside mode
  • Editing content drawn inside
  • Using the Eraser tool
  • Using Image Trace to create shapes
  • Cleaning up traced artwork


  • Working with art boards
  • Editing art boards
  • Renaming and Reordering Art boards
  • Transforming content
  • Working with rulers and guides
  • Scaling objects
  • Reflecting objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Distorting objects
  • Shearing objects
  • Positioning objects precisely
  • Changing perspective
  • Applying multiple transformations
  • Using the Free Distort effect


  • Creating layers
  • Selecting and moving objects and layers
  • Duplicating layer content
  • Moving, Locking, Viewing & Pasting layers
  • Creating a clipping mask
  • Merging & Locating layers
  • Applying appearance attributes to layers
  • Isolating layers


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