Adobe Dreamweaver

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Adobe Dreamweaver

Our Adobe Dreamweaver training provides you with the right training solutions to help you learn Dreamweaver for creating web pages.

Dreamweaver offers web developers the productivity of a visual Web page layout tool, the control of an HTML editor and the support for dynamic HTML. In each day of the class you will be given several web pages to create on your own. The projects cover each major concept taught in the class in Dallas, Texas to reinforce what you’ve learned.

COURSE OUTLINE Adobe Dreamweaver

Customizing your workspace

  • Touring the workspace
  • Switching and splitting views
  • Working with panels
  • Selecting a workspace layout.
  • Adjusting toolbars
  • Personalizing preferences
  • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts

HTML Basic

  • What is HTML? Where did HTML begin?
  • Writing your own HTML code
  • Frequently used HTML 4 codes

CSS Basic

  • What is CSS?
  • HTML vs. CSS formatting
  • HTML defaults
  • CSS box model
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting objects
  • Multiples, classes, and IDs,

Creating a Page Layout

  • Web design basic
  • Working with thumbnails and wireframes
  • Defining a Dreamweaver site
  • Using the Welcome screen
  • Previewing your completed file
  • Modifying an existing CSS layout
  • Adding a background image to the header
  • Inserting new components
  • Changing element alignment
  • Modifying the page width and background color
  • Modifying existing content and formatting
  • Inserting an image placeholder
  • Inserting placeholder text
  • Modifying the footer

Working with Cascading Style sheet

  • Previewing the completed file
  • Working with the CSS Styles panel
  • Working with type
  • Using images for graphical effects
  • Creating new CSS rules
  • Creating an interactive menu
  • Modifying hyperlink behavior

Working with Templates

  • Previewing completed files
  • Creating a template from an existing layout
  • Inserting editable regions
  • Producing child pages
  • Updating a template
  • Using library items
  • Using server-side includes

Working with Text, Lists and Tables

  • Previewing the completed file
  • Creating and styling text
  • Creating and styling tables
  • Spell checking webpages
  • Finding and replacing text

Working with Images

  • Reviewing web image basics
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Inserting an image
  • Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
  • Working with the Insert panel

Using Adobe Bridge to insert images

  • Inserting non-web file types
  • Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
  • Inserting images by drag and drop
  • Optimizing images with the Property inspector

Working with Navigation

  • Hyperlink basics
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Creating internal hyperlinks
  • Creating an image-based link
  • Creating an external link
  • Setting up email links
  • Targeting page elements
  • Inserting Spry menu bars

Adding Interactivity

  • Learning about Dreamweaver behaviors
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Working with Dreamweaver behaviors
  • Working with Spry Accordion widgets


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