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International Training Institute has been in the training industry for more than 15 years. We provide additional support for Primary and Secondary students for UK boards such as Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel and Oxford AQA.  Online Class

Edexcel International A Level or Edexcel IAL subjects are globally recognized qualifications which open doors to top universities not only in UAE but worldwide.

Available with over 15 subjects. We are in a unique position to provide high-quality tuition from a diverse qualified teachers, using standardized lesson materials and assessments from Pearson Edexcel.

We only work with fully qualified teachers whom have extensive experience of UK Boards curriculum.

ITI offers high-quality online tutoring, using the latest technology to deliver interactive real-time teaching.

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Our tutors will be using the latest technology in online tutoring, and UK standardized assessment resources to help ensure that our students will get the support they need in the relevant areas, matched to their requirements. Virtual Classes

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