Exam Dates June 2019

Why choose IGCSE?

Do you want qualifications that can open doors around the world? Exam Dates June 2019

IGCSEs are the world’s most popular international qualifications for 14 to 16-year-old.  They are your gateway to higher education or professional studies in your home country or overseas. They can help you:

  • get a place at college or university at home or abroad
  • find better career opportunities
  • pass the language tests for emigrating or studying in another country
  • develop skills that help you lead a more exciting and successful life

ITI helps more than 100 students take international exams every year. We offer teaching support and guidance – from choosing subjects to exam registration.

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Exam Dates JUNE 2019

Cambridge IGCSE, AS Level, A Level

Edexcel IGCSE

Edexcel IAL


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